Friday, November 5, 2010

november is national adoption month!

i want to take a brief moment and make you aware of something that the Lord has been impressing on my heart these last 6 months or so: the orphan. scripture is very clear on God's view of the orphan and the widow- they hold a very special place in His heart. therefore, we, His bride should also be anguished over the plight of the orphan. i know in my heart, the problem seems so vast that it's daunting to even contemplate a starting point. we cannot let this hinder us anymore. please join me in committing to take action. does this mean you need to fill out an adoption application today? absolutely not. could you send $35/month to sponsor a child? probably. if your financial situation is tight- could you volunteer to mentor a child a few hours a week? absolutely.  if we, the church, come together and address this growing need- we could absolve it.  isn't that amazing?

here are 3 great resources to help get you started:

Responding To the Orphan Crisis
(this is a resource compiled by Apostles Church NYC with a bunch of different organizations and what they do)

What You Can Do
(this is a blog my friend katy tweeted about how to get involved if you're not ready to adopt)

They Journey
(this is the blog of a young woman who felt called by the Lord to adopt 14 girls in Africa. she is living this call with every breath she takes. her story is amazing- and will hopefully inspire change in your life...)

if you know of any other great organizations- feel free to let me know!

let's do this together! as a community, we CAN make a huge difference. let us know what you're planning to do this month to become more involved in this issue.

i'll start: i'm taking the very small step of sponsoring a child through world vision. i know it's not much, but i'm hoping it will spur me on to take another step, and another...


  1. There is a non-profit, 147 Million Orphans, based in Nashville that supports Katie Davis (in Uganda). They have great things to buy for Christmas gifts that also go towards feeding children in Uganda & supporting families as they walk through the adoption process. The magazine bead necklaces are my favorite & make the best gifts! They go with everything! Check out

  2. sponsoring a child is a HUGE step! it's a life changed!!
    love your heart, friend.

  3. Um, I was not informed that you have a blog! I like it!:) Glad you posted this:)