Wednesday, November 10, 2010

giveaway: derek webb's new album 'feedback'

derek webb released his newest album 'feedback' last week.  for those of you who know me (let's be real honest about my blog's sphere of influence for a second...if you're reading this, you know me), it's somewhat of a joke that i think mr. webb can do no wrong, musically speaking.  his music is a unique fusion of truth and vulnerability.  i think there are tons of great artists in the industry right now who do wonderful jobs at one of the aforementioned traits, but few weave both so seamlessly together- and even fewer can accomplish it without sacrificing the quality of the music they're creating.  anyway- i'm digressing.  summary: derek webb's music rocks.

so, when he announced on twitter a few months ago that he would be releasing a quote-unquote worship album, i was intrigued to say the least.  this worship album would be completely instrumental.  this was interesting to me mainly because webb usually has a lot to say.  verbally.  so...we were going into uncharted territory.

guys- it's awesome.  i really don't know how to describe it- and i think that's a wonderful thing.  i'm not even going to insult it with a "review" or my thoughts.  all i'm going to say is this:  listening to it makes my heart sing & ache at the same time.  

i would love to introduce someone to this amazing album!  ideally, someone who is reading this and going "derek w-ho?" so...below are the giveaway details.  good luck!

what exactly am i giving away?
i'm giving away a tier 2 version of derek webb's new album 'feedback'
here are the details, stolen straight from

how can you win this awesome album?
comment on this post and tell me what comes to mind when you hear the word "worship."   that's it!  please leave a way for me to contact you, and only enter once.  i'll accept entries through sunday night at 11:59pm.  winner will be announced sometime monday.

❤ - murph


  1. raw, unfettered love for an unseen God, a time to be before God, naked and unusually open to what He might speak into your soul.

  2. hmmmmmm... worship. such a small word for such a big thing.

    worship for me is giving worth and honor to the God that created it all, and holds it all together. myself included.

  3. Worship is a totally encompassing and unavoidable act. We wake in worship and worship in the laying of our heads. Worship is what we were born to do and we cannot escape it.


  4. I think of total attention towards the object of worship.

  5. what comes to mind when I hear the word "worship" is this: acknowledgement. of who He is. of what He's done. of what He's doing. of what I'm not.

    you can contact me on twitter @kevindeshazo or my blog at

  6. Worship to me is focusing my affection and gratitude on God for His greatness and His faithful action to bless us - us wretches. Then, we walk in freedom and obedience, deep joy and deep humility, looking for an opportunity to serve people in His name, and give Him the credit. THAT'S WORSHIP BABY!

    Thanks for this opportunity... God bless!

    Oh... you can find me and contact info at

  7. Worship is abandoning yourself before God - letting everything else go to just be with him.

  8. Worship is adoration and praise for God. It is what my entire life consists of.

  9. Worship to me is the same as devotion. What do I worship? What am I devoted to? What takes precedent in my life? What do I spend my time thinking about? What do those thoughts drive me to? Worship to me is the act of focusing on those things, or that Person.
    jasonandapril at mac dot com

  10. i think of sitting on a bridge, watching the river rush by, drinking a vanilla chai.

  11. Remember God so much that you are forgotten.
    Let the caller and the called disappear;
    be lost in the Call. -Rumi
    Being lost in the call. Worship. From the words of the great Muslim poet. Worship. Recognition that truth and beauty exists outside of Christianity-that God exists outside Christianity. Affirming that the resurrection announces that there is a new creation "bursting forth right here in the midst of this one."
    All is grace.
    This is worship.

  12. "Worship" makes me think of a dedicated action, intentionally serving.

  13. Worship is living.

    tim.sailer [at]

  14. Worship should be 24/7

  15. Those fleeting moments when the part of me that is yearning to be more like the Son is pursuing the same desires of the part of me that has already been made like Him is what I consider worship.

  16. forgot the contact info...


  17. Frankly, the word "worship" calls to mind a usually-terrible genre of music... and has something of a negative connotation for me. I am someone who loves Jesus Christ, struggles to understand what that means, and tries to do His will as best I can.

    Part of doing His will is to be part of a church. Those bits of Scripture are undeniable. It took Him nearly a decade to beat that into my head & to get me to stop rationalizing that deep conversations ABOUT Him with friends was the same as ENCOUNTERING Him together with other believers.

    I have to admit, modern worship music is usually the biggest impediment to actual worship I encounter in church. I know music snobbery is a juvenile attitude, and I'm trying to get over that.

    I hope none of this smacks of false modesty... (an Achilles Heel I've noticed in even the smartest, most honest Christian circles, & one I have been guilty of.) This really was my gut reaction to the word "worship." Christians are responsible for so much of the best art in all of human history. I just kinda wish more of it showed up on Sunday mornings.

  18. Oh, I'm

    And I like your blog.

  19. Worship. …Being amazed, being intrigued. Wondering, waiting. Talking and listening with an open heart. Worship. Wanting to know God. Putting aside all the disbelief and for a moment.. believing with all one has inside of them to be thankful for the One who loves them. Worship.
    Scary and foreign to some, steady and rhythmic to others. Dwelling deep within and vibrating out to the world. Passionate and fresh with every breath.. Worship. Relationship of gratitude. Worship.. Powerful. Necessary.

    Thanks for the chance to win! I very randomly came across your blog today and I'm glad I did. You may reach me at

  20. Worship. What can I say? It’s a hot-button issue these days. “Worship-wars” have consumed and even split many churches. It’s unfortunate that something so central to our existence has been used to distract and distort the church’s existence…especially since “worship wars” is a bit of an oxymoron.
    Clearly, the term “worship” has been stripped of its fullness. It has been too narrowly defined these days as what we do when we go to a church or camp or retreat and sing some songs while someone plays the guitar or piano or organ.
    However, scripture seems to indicate that worship is a life lived to the glory of God. Certainly, this includes singing songs in a sanctuary or around a campfire, but it also includes so much more. In fact, it seems to include a whole lot more, like justice and mercy and faithfulness. Just take a look at Jesus’ denunciation of the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23. Jesus calls them hypocrites for neglecting to practice justice and mercy, all while admitting that the scribes and Pharisees were tithing (which would be an act of worship). He doesn’t condemn their tithing, but he does suggest that there are greater acts of worship demonstrated in the way we live our lives and in the way we treat others. If we aren’t worshipping with our everyday lives, then our worship rituals don’t amount to much.
    Or take a look at Isaiah 58 where God says that the kind of worship he is looking for is not some fast or ritual but rather to loosen the chains of injustice, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, etc. Once again, it’s not that Israel wasn’t supposed to fast and observe that which God had prescribed in the Law; it’s just that observing these practices doesn’t matter if it doesn’t come out of an overflow of a life that is lived honoring God.
    Worship is a complicated but rich concept.
    It’s not that tithing and fasting and even signing praise songs are meaningless or that these aren’t acts of worship; it’s just that they are less meaningful acts of worship than some things God asks of us. I suggest that these are things that reflect God’s character and his actions.
    God doesn’t tithe. He doesn’t sing praise songs. He doesn’t fast. But he does show mercy. He does fight for justice. He does provide for those in need. Worship includes some things that which reflects God’s actions, like that which we see in Isaiah 58 and Matthew 23 (and other places), and some things that don’t, like tithing and singing. And that’s the point.
    Worship is a lifestyle not an event. It’s an intentional decision to live a life that honors God in everything, and while all things matter, there are some things which are “weightier” than others. And according to Jesus, we should practice these weightier things without neglecting the not-so-weighty things, like singing songs in church or around the campfire.

  21. When discussing worship I always think of Abram and Isaac. There's an old theological tradition called first mention. Basically, whenever something/someone/whathaveyou is first mentioned in scripture, much of the meaning of that concept or character of that person can be weaned from that moment.

    "Worship" is first used to describe what Abram and Isaac are going to do on the mountain.

    So... worship, to me, has a lot to do with a self-sacrificing obedience to the leading of God.


  22. Worship = the Remembrance that I can enter into communion with God at any moment and in fact, He wishes that I would. Even more so, He wishes that I would not exit but live a life of worshipping Him.

    twitter contact: @travisfclarke

  23. Worship happens whenever the truth - any truth - resonates with me on a mental, physical or emotional level. The expression of this worship can take many forms.

  24. Worship = Living and living is the question.

  25. Worship brings to mind an overwhelming joy that leads into a fellowship and praise of something. Worship of God flows out of a realization of His majesty.

  26. When I think of "worship", I think of a dog begging at his master's feet. Totally dependent and completely in adoration of him.


  27. Worship is a heart attitude-a basic human emotive response to God. Sometimes it's awe-filled, sometimes it's joyous, sometimes it's ponderous. It is manifested in ways unique to an individual. Some choose to worship God through service, dance, and singing, but many worship through instruments or shouts of praise or painting or sculpture.

  28. I think of a recognition of who God is and who I am not. This makes me rejoice, that this amazing King wants to be my Father, provide for me, love me immeasurably, give me many brothers and sisters, and have the opportunity to share His love and Word with the world.

  29. The picture that comes to me when hearing the word is that of a finite, sickly creature as myself, and the only appropriate response I could have when faced with the holy Creator. I can muster no defiance, no pride in myself, not even any attention to myself, but instead I am consumed by who He is and what He does. He increases, and I decrease.

  30. though i know it can be directed many ways, when i picture 'worship', i see hearts, voices, thoughts lifted upward... moments of grace when we are most keenly focused in on what gives us life... attention off self and on to Another.

    you know where to find me.

    (also, i really want this album. make it happen murph)

  31. dull, trite modern church music.