Monday, June 1, 2009

koen + stewart wedding

And then there was 1. This weekend I sang in the wedding of my dear friend, Emily. There were 4 of us that went from nursery to graduation together at Tate Springs Baptist Church. Dominee, Emily, Jessica, and myself. To quote the Real Housewives of New Jersey (I'm already hooked, btw) we were "as thick as thieves." We did everything together. Once, we even decided we needed to all sleep in the same twin-sized bed. I still recall that night as one of the worst nights of sleep I have ever had! Emily is the final bride of our foursome (sans myself). And goodness gracious- was she ever beautiful!!! Here are some pics from the weekend (don't judge me...there are 50 pics...but I took 1,000!). Dom, we missed you! I hope Gus enjoyed his incubation weekend with you! Emily, you were a beautiful bride and I wish you and Daniel a very blessed marriage! Now...let's see a wedding!


my gorgeous motherthe mother of the bride-this is quintessential harriett- priceless
jessica- ready to roll to the bridal brunch
jana- jess's mom- lookin' good
the church was ready for emily!
but we weren't ready- off to get our nails done
emily- getting her claws, er, nails done
lori with her mittens

ahh...all is right with the world

drying is the most important part of good nail maintenance!
getting ready for the rehearsal
now walk it out...
the sweetest couple ever- badi and debbie
the precious ring bearer- ben
bride-zilla! just kidding...
lori's attention span had been maxed out
grace's too
only jess could look this good while trying to be a butt-head. yeah, i said it.
mom and me at the rehearsal
getting beautiful- jess showed a lot of trust in my skills at this point...
putting on the dress!
so many buttons...
katie- please don't kill me, i couldn't resist
jess- i think i was starting to annoy her at this point. muah-ha-haa...
ah! jess had a slight misunderstanding with the sun while tending her garden.
the bride
having a little fun
you're never too old to play on a playground
sure, the picture's great- but you should have heard the whining!
the bride with her bridesmaids
check out those gorgeous eyes!
so beautiful!
yay, emily!
the groom- daniel
i don't think we were in his top 100 people at this point
but he was a good sport
emily- you're married!
he made me smile
beautiful child! i have no idea who she is, but she's precious!
hungry, jacob? bubbles are the obvious choice
jacob- after filling up on bubbles
jess having some fun with the bubbles herself! sending the happy couple off into the sunset...
It was so good to get to see old friends and make new ones. Also, it was quite hysterical to listen to the newly aquired Georgia twang of several old friends! Did you know that most 2 letter words have 3 syllables?! ;) I had a blast, but I did miss my New York family and am glad to be back in the city I love!
Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stewart!



  2. Great pictures, Murph!!! And totally cute headband in the ONE picture of you on here (however, I did sense your aura in the picture of the chick-fil-a cup).

  3. great pics!!! looks like a fun time :)

  4. Murph wasn't in many pictures because she was doing an AWESOME job of TAKING the pictures. Murph, thanks so much for coming to the wedding and being such a huge part of it (pictures AND singing)---did you notice that I didn't cry while you sang the song? Daniel and I talked the entire time, and that kept me from crying like a baby! I love you!