Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sorry for my brief disappearance. My computer crashed. I've been mourning it's loss- and the loss of all my awesome new pictures.

So, I feel as though I have waited the customary amount of time and I'm back! I don't want to jump into anything too deep right of the bat, so today we're going to stick our toes in with a list of things that have happened since my last post. in no particular we go:

1. I was informed by a 4 year old that she will get married before me. I'm going to be so ticked if she's right.

2. I lost my wallet and had to change my name legally to "Murph Holder." It was cool as a nickname...*

3. I attempted my first spin class. My mixture of out-of-shapeness + competitive nature was not a good combination. My legs hate me now.

4. I entered a cupcake competition (see aforementioned competitive nature) and just "had fun." There were some awesome cupcakes present...a bacon, peanut butter, and banana combination got a lot of attention.

5. I had a LOST finale party and cried-ney...sobbed into my Dharma cookies after everyone was out of earshot. Come quickly 2010...

hmm...this was originally scheduled to go all the way to 10, but apparently- that would be too much. so...5 it is. 5 things have happened to me in 2 maybe that 4 year old will be right after all...

*some facts may** have been changed for comedic purposes.

** the word may actually means were in the above context.


  1. haha! love this. i'm very sorry about your wallet (if that's true).
    and i loved the LOST party. we MUST have a season premier party.
    and... i don't want to be anti-Mac or anything but pretty much EVERY PERSON I KNOW has had their glorious wonderful Mac crash! what's up with that??
    (and i'm just assuming from the picture you have a Mac)


  2. You legally changed your name to Murph?? Why did we not talk about that this weekend. Details...I need some. :O